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We’re going to spend a lot of time behind these. We're building a mask that’s truly designed for a new routine.

Features FAQS

An organic cotton inner surface that feels soft against the skin. Made from GOTS certified natural fibres.

No Chemicals. No Dye.

A certified meltblown filter for uncompromised security. Made from polypropylene that’s used in N95 masks.

3 Step Filter Test —

Disintegrates without catching fire.

Blocks air from flowing through.

Prevents seepage of liquids.

A cut designed for maximum coverage. The dual-band design is ear-free and painless.

First Prototype

Mask Project

How is the March Mask different?

Most masks are harsh on the skin, painful around the ears and not re-usable. We’d like to fix all that through our experience in developing high-quality textile materials.


What kind of materials are we talking about?

We’ve designed an elastic band that is lightweight yet strong. It stretches and recovers just right. For the inner layer, we're using a custom woven unbleached, undyed organic cotton fabric.


Will it be medical grade?

The March Mask is not a surgical mask. However it will have a 95% filter rate just like an N95 mask.


Do you have colors or sizes?

Solid colors. And one great cut that fits everyone.


Is it ready?

No. This is a prototype project. The masks will ship early to mid August. Back the project now and get a March Mask at a special price. All backers will get a weekly update on the progress of the project.


Back the Project

Retail Price • ₹350

CDC and major world health regulators recommend wearing a mask in public. March masks are not N95 respirators or surgical masks. They can only be used for 'source control' during a pandemic. We recommend FDA approved medical grade masks during high infection levels.