When you're not happy with something, fix it.

The March Tee has been made by four young people who spend the better part of their day designing technology and apps, including some for Bharti, Adobe and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Like most designers we invariably came in to work in casuals. And we invariably had one complaint — that simple, high-quality t-shirts that we could wear to work were surprisingly hard to find. The high end t-shirts were overpriced and over-designed. The simpler ones were just not up to the mark. And neither category offered us a really comfortable tee.

There was just no ideal option. So we decided to create it.

We researched. We studied cotton, staple and yarn. We met people. We learned about production processes. We questioned. We asked how things could be done differently. And then we took the plunge. Eleven months later, the classic March Tee was born.

It takes a lot to make a tee that looks as good as it feels. We hope you check it out. Message us and let us know what you think of your March Tee.