Come. Create.


Full-time, Pune

About this role

An analytical and pragmatic technical leader. Decide when to build in-house or use open source. Make systems scalable, simple, and user/developer-friendly. Take the March brand global with your technical vision.

The compensation range for this role is 25-30L + share of the success.

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Technical leadership

Web and networking

Open source

Writer &

Full-time, Pune

About this role

Create engaging stories, collaborate with creatives, and share March's journey through captivating content.

The compensation range for this role is 14-18L.

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Digital / Social

Creative Direction



Why March could be a good fit for you

  • You enjoy autonomous work and being around those who do.

  • You’d like to be part of creating products from scratch.

  • You are a good listener and able to adapt to change.

Why March may not be the best fit (today)

  • You want hyper growth at all costs.

  • You are looking to work remotely.

  • You are a Windows user.