Sep 2020

Abheet Anand

Abheet wears many hats. Entrepreneur, musician, photographer and writer. All this while running a creative agency, performing with his band and being a full-time cat parent. He loves every bit of the hustle.

We catch up on a rare easy day at his Bangalore studio. After his coffee, of course.

“I have always been surrounded by music. I find myself associating the music of others to my own memories. Someone else probably felt the same way as I do right now. I started writing music to connect with others.”

“I really enjoy piecing a song together. You’re caught between playing your best parts to elevate the song and cutting back so that you don’t overdo it. It’s a vulnerable process.”

“You are your worst critic. But you have to get out of your own head and just do it. The world is a pretty incredible place, there are some fantastic people who will help you out.”

2020 has been an introspective year for Abheet. He intends to take up writing more seriously, make more music and be a little better each day.

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