January 2017

Abheyraj Singh

In technology, we use the word Unicorn for someone who is a hybrid of a designer and engineer. Abheyraj is one of them.

Meet this talented designer, iOS developer, amateur musician and skateboarder.

“When I was eleven, the fact that I could talk to my computer got me into programming. It wasn't just about what was going on inside, but also how the computer talked back.”

“Skateboarding is a sport that arose from the concrete jungle. There are no rules. You just keep breaking boundaries. Your city is your playground, your canvas.”

“I started riding an old skateboard at my cousin's place. He told me I could have it if I wanted it. Since that day, my board has been a very important part of me.”

“People don't consider skateboarding a legit sport. They think of it as a toy. The cops hate us. Still, the joy you get from landing a trick, from the wind in your face, is incomparable. ”