December 2016

Backstage Improvements

What's up? March Tee is now into its fifth month. We launched Tee 2.0 in December with many subtle improvements, and the launch has been off the charts.

Today we figured we'd talk about improvements we've been making behind the scenes to our store. This online thing is really the only place you see our product, you get to know us and decide to invest in a great solid Tee.

In-house tools

Our new backend is ground up designed to sell one product. It opens with a clear and minimal view into whats going on. It is designed around customers, not us. We can change addresses, swap items last minute and top up gift cards to apologize when we screw up.

Gift Cards

We have them now. They're amazing. Each customer has their own unique card. No sign up, no login. Just enter it during checkout and get credit towards the final amount. One more thing—when you use your gift card, all your details are auto-filled. Try yours to see it in action.


We hate sending & receiving so many transaction notifications. You get one email when you order. Another when it ships. Thats it. Doesn't hurt that it looks great too. 😉

Shipping Labels

Earlier, as each order came in, we manually created a FedEx label and a separate invoice. Gone! Our new label maker sends order info to FedEx, combines their label and our invoice and prints several on a sheet. Instantly.