July 2018

Chondamma Cariappa

A room full of boxes. Walls filled with drawings. Cats on the couch. A grounded Chondamma. She tells us stories from her advertising days, her experience building a brand and the one thing that drives her into a frenzy— 👠

She is sole sisters.

“I've always been fascinated with shoes. My sisters got delicate ballerinas and I would get sturdy handcrafted shoes in school. I'm pretty sure, my fascination started back then.”

“I'm greedy for all things interesting, eclectic and handmade. I'm constantly observing and registering things in my head. Then I start juxtaposing materials, fabrics and thoughts together. It's mostly gut that decides what looks good eventually.”

“I appreciate people that are making a sincere effort to make changes in and around their world. Stella McCartney is one such person. Her brand is an extension of her philosophy. Honest, transparent and edgy.”

Find your uniqueness and give it all that you have, she adds.

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