April 2017

Puri Saab

There is never a dull moment when hanging out with Colonel Puri. He always has great (and hilarious) stories to tell from his days as Major, then Lieutenant Colonel, then Colonel and then finally commanding a regiment in the Indian Army's Corps of Signals.

We share mandatory evening chai and bhujia with him this evening at his very army-like and charming home in Cantonment, Pune.

“When I was serving, I pursued my interest in theater over P.T. lessons.”

“My father migrated to Pune in 1940 because of the weather and how quaint it was. So Pune is home. But since I am a history fanatic, I'd like to go see more of the world.”

“My mission now is to raise my grand daughter up to the same army standards my kids were raised in. Maybe I’ll go see the world with her.”