September 2016

Eric D’souza

As a student, Eric bartered temporary tattoos for art. Today he runs Iron Buzz Tattoos, with his partner Diana, as one of the most sought-after artists in the country.

His Pali Village studio is cozy, yet clean and professional. Eric and team add warmth that puts both the seasoned and first-timers at ease.

Eric working on a tattoo at his studio in Bandra.
Eric busy at work on a tattoo.

“Tattoos don't hurt. The pain you feel depends on the weight of the machine on your skin. A good artist transfers the weight on to himself.”

The finished product.
Marilym Monroe tattoo.
Lion tattoo.
A Dachshund.
Ganesh tattoo.

“To learn tattooing, you need the skill to draw or paint. Without that, you'll only scratch the surface of the skin.”

At his light table.
Sketching out a new tattoo concept.
Eric collects his artwork.
Sharing several pencil sketches with us.

“Finding the right mentor could take up all your strength. Learning to tattoo could take years to master. But it is the determination that takes you all the way.”

Taking a break.
Eric and Diana outside their Bandra studio.