March 2019

Gobind Singh Mehta

Gobind's lucky break came at twenty-three when he was noticed by a prominent actress over dinner. And before he knew it, he was walking the ramp for two designers at a fashion week.

We spoke to Gobind over coffee about his career as a model, the challenges of being fit, his affinity towards acting and balancing a full time job as a senior analyst.

“I always step out in a presentable manner. Being shabby never helped with first impressions.”

“Any model is replaceable. There's no room for complacency or pride. In fact, humility goes a long way.

Make sure you have a thick skin—rejection is part of the daily routine.”

“When I'm not modeling, I play football, work out or read. I also work on my meditation and communication skills.

Having a holistic personality helps with any career.”

Gobind leaves us with some life lessons. Spend each day trying to be better than your former self. Accomplishing your goals and making your loved ones proud is totally worth it.

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