August 2017

Gresham Fernandes

His space is as eccentric as his cooking. There's electronic music, DIY furniture, lots of art, no windows and his kitchen. This is where a well-known city chef turns into a mad artist.

We hung out with Gresham while he puts together aged pork, fresh grapefruit and a secret sauce.

“I was hungry one day. Made tea to dip my biscuits in. That was 30 years ago. I was always around food and loved eating; and so, becoming a chef was an easy choice.”

“Invest in a good knife. I'm not saying the ones with 100 layered Damascus steel. My first one was a hacksaw blade sharpened by my late uncle. Yup, he was badass!”

“Be on time. Be dependable. Shut up and listen. The Internet does not teach experience. Also, get a pair of comfortable shoes.”

Be all ears (and nose) for his next Swine Dine.

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