January 2017

Krittivas Dalmia

You know someone is interesting when, after an education in investment banking from NYU, they choose to roast and sell fresh coffee beans.

We hung out at Krittivas Dalmia's Kaffa Cerrado where he roasts small batch coffee.

“It isn't morning until I have my cup of coffee. Freshly ground and most likely a roast from the week before. It's very fulfilling and really gets my brain ticking for the day.”

“I tried six different origin coffees, poorly roasted, and they all tasted the same. That’s when I knew I'd introduce India to high quality roasts.”

“We took a lot of calls based on self-judgement and not market research. I've made so many mistakes with roasts, recipes, pricing, branding, everything. But that's the game. You never learn until you make the mistake yourself.”