April 2019

Meera Ganapathi

While there are spaces interviewing the cool kids, the famous and the successful, hardly anyone speaks to the people we bump into everyday. Meera finds real stories there, and tells them with a bit of honesty.

We sat down with Meera at her Mount Mary home to discuss writing, books and The Soup Magazine.

“Ideas always spring from conversations or books I’m reading. One has to be bored, or sort of idle to get any ideas.

I only get half-decent thoughts when I’m staring into space, walking somewhere, sitting in a train, 'cause I have nothing better to do.”

“The aunties in sari and sneakers, an auto driver with strong feelings about street art—I feel the real stories are there and they are far more interesting to me.

I like looking for little details, I feel they are what set people apart and make them who they are.”

“My favourite is the story on Love and Music. I always associate romance with music, heartbreak with music… so the story happened very naturally.

Particularly the old couple, when the husband unexpectedly held his wife’s hand, she blushed and pushed him away—it was funny and adorable.”

“What I notice in people I admire is their relentless dedication to craft and detail.

You could be the most talented writer in the world but if you don’t put any words on paper, no one will believe you—including yourself.”

With the help of like-minded artists, writers, photographers and others, Meera brings real stories to interested readers.

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