August 2017

Mustansir Habibulla

A dentist and a motorcycle enthusiast. He is great at two things - breaking and fixing. It's a delight to watch Mustansir work on his collection of classic bikes with delicacy and ease.

We spoke to him as he carefully fixed this charming, old Lambretta.

“It takes a lot of arrogance and foolishness to get started. Build a good toolkit, do enough research and be meticulous. The reward of doing a thing yourself outweighs the heartache of the process involved.”

“An Enfield is notorious with maintainance, so I began to work on it myself. That's when I learnt a lot. Soon, wrenching became as enjoyable as riding.”

“It's always a surprise. You never know how difficult it’s going to be until you take the plunge.  Hearing an engine come to life after all the weeks of sweat (and blood) is a feeling hard to describe.”