August 2019

Nikita Dawar

She escaped city life for a few months and ended up in a mysterious Himachal village—Andretta. There she spent 8 hours a day working with clay, everyday. Slowly she saw herself getting addicted to it.

Since then Nikita built her own studio—Slow Pottery. She practices here and teaches the art of pottery.

“Pottery grounds me. It never feels like work. When every morning I used to rush to the studio, I knew I wanted to be a potter.”

“I use a manual kick wheel as opposed to an electric one. It makes me interact and blend into the process. I kick the wheel, wet my hands and slam the clay. The process is simple but not easy.”

“Pottery in India needs a lot of resources, manpower and capital. Potters need to spread the awareness of this craft so that buyers understand what they're paying for.”

Photos by Atul Pinheiro

Share the knowledge. Pass on every ounce of information to others. Give more as a crafter. She says.

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