September 2016

Rajeev Roark

A self-taught coffee specialist, popularly known as CoffeemanIndia, Rajeev began his journey at age 13 with coffee instead of Bournvita.

We sat with him at the newly opened and beautiful Perch Cafe in Vasant Vihar, Delhi as he brewed us some of the best coffee we've ever had. We talked coffee making, its science, agriculture and the coffee culture in India.

Rajeev brewing a pot of coffee.
Rajeev in the process of brewing.
Brewing a cup of coffee using a Chemex.
Having a taste.

“Three things make a great cup of coffee. A fresh grind. Perfect temperature. And timing.”

Perch Cafe at Vasant Vihar in Delhi.
Outside Perch Cafe.

“Perch is a Third Wave Cafe i.e. artisanal fresh coffee with proper brewing. In India, first wave coffee was Nescafe, second wave was CCD and Barista.”

Inside Perch Cafe.
Inside Perch Cafe.

“Instant coffee? Why would anyone willingly want to have stale coffee? Here's a product that's almost three times more complex in taste than wine. Yet we're stuck relying on mass produced, impersonal brews.”

A special ice coffee tonic.
A special ice coffee tonic.
It's ready! Pouring out a couple of cups.