March 2018

Riddhi Parekh

Over a casual conversation, Riddhi realised her dream job was to be a photographer for National Geographic. Eight years later, she was shooting a wild life story for them.

We walked around Bandra, talking about photography, travel and achieving life goals.

“Becoming a photographer was the most spontaneous decision of my life!

I was ten months into my first job in branding. A discussion with my colleague led me to really think about my dream job—and voila!”

“My process is that I don't have a process. I shoot from my gut and I let the day, the subject and my mood decide the course.”

“If a photograph is minimalist, I appreciate the simplicity.

If it has too many elements, I appreciate the madness and how it still works.

And if I'm jealous of having not taken it, that's the highest form of appreciation.”

So what's the next step for Riddhi? She doesn't know—that's what makes it exciting! Life surprises her, and she lets it.

Check out her portfolio for more of her work.

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