December 2019

Sahil Rao

Sahil learned printmaking from a local family in Biberach, Germany. Today he runs Unbox - a four-time national award winning packaging studio in Pune.

Sahil shares a few insights from his industry and life in general.

“We have very few luxury packaging companies in India. Most companies either demand a high order quantity or cannot meet exacting quality standards. So I started Unbox – a bespoke luxury packaging company with a minimum order quantity of 1 box.”

“We need a lot of skilled people. Dealing with them can sometimes get tricky. The machinery costs are extremely high and we need bigger spaces. Exactly where and when to invest can be challenging for a startup.”

“Dad started his print shop 25 years ago. He is my biggest mentor. He’s a living example of how consistent hard work and passion towards something you love can work wonders.”

“You may be intelligent, hardworking, passionate and good with people. But there will always be times when people do not like your ideas. You have to really believe in yourself for people to believe in you”

When he is not at work, Sahil travels with his 1936 Leica 📷, plays the piano 🎹 or cooks 🍳 while listening to jazz.

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