April 2019

Tejas Modak

We take the stairs to his studio in an old Pune building. A modest smile is the first thing you notice. Second, his talent.

Tejas is a seasoned story-teller. He illustrates graphic novels and writes movie screenplays. Other times, he finds himself painting walls in Pondicherry or reciting poetry. Everything he makes has a story to tell.

“I was always attracted to comics* and I'd spend hours cooking up characters and imagining their stories. When the time came to choose what I wanted to do in life, I always knew it had to be what I liked doing the most.” *He's a serious collector

“The amazing thing about working on a graphic novel is that everything you experience in life, all the questions you ask yourself and the world around you, make their way into what you are creating.”

“There is so much inspiration all around! I appreciate honest, uninhibited expression wherever that might be – on a painting canvas or a sports field.”

“Being more open to life and a little less sure of yourself allows for unexpected and fulfilling experiences. I'm in a place where the next step could be anything. As long as I can add value with it and have fun.”