May 2022

How we made a brand new fabric

Much of a tee is determined by its weight.

A good heavyweight cotton tee has structure, looks great and is very durable. A light Supima cotton tee is way more comfortable and feels great on the skin. But it tends to accentuate the body and doesn’t look as sharp outdoors.

We wanted the best of both worlds in a single tee.

Why the right count matters

Fabrics are made by combining yarns in a specific pattern. A jersey knit up close looks like interlocked loops running horizontally. Fine yarn (or with yarn with a high count) makes a light fabric and vice versa.

To arrive at the perfect in-between we had to experiment.

Starting off with

The first thing we tried was combining mid-weight yarns. Sure enough, we got a mid-weight fabric. But that just didn’t have the March Tee touch.

How about a

We decided to try something weird. We blended some yarn of Unit HD, our heavyweight tee, with yarn of our Classic Supima Tee. It was like combining two types of dough. Amazing as it felt, the Classic tasted better.

Pushing it even

We then blended some HD yarn with Supima yarn from our featherweight Sleep Tee. We simply loved the result. Because the two yarns were so contrasting, they created a fabric that had a special feel.

Our favourite step:
Getting nerdy

We tweaked the compositions of the yarns. We modified the loop structure. Finally we arrived at a fabric that felt right. One that had the structure of a good heavyweight tee, while retaining the luxurious feel of Supima.


We may have developed the world’s first Supima tee fabric with a variable yarn count. We’ve called it Multi-count Supima. It might look like just another fabric, but the difference, as always, is in the details.

The first tee from Multi-count Supima is the Unit MX and the Box Crew.