Business as Usual

Slipping into business mode just got easier. Polo by March is sharp, refined and feels relaxed. Perfect for meetings, working weekends or anything business.

Smart Piqué

The knit is classic Polo. Piqué makes the fabric look richer than a regular tee. The yarn is 100% Supima - the hallmark of March. Twice as strong, four times as soft and super breathable.

Sharp Outside. Soft Inside.

One side of the fabric is treated with a special brush. It feels soft on the skin and more comfortable than any other Polo.

Anti-Curl Collar

The collar has the same piqué fabric with the right stiffness. No losing shape, no curling up, even after several washes. The placket design is minimal. Simple, yet sophisticated.

Matte Buttons

No more shiny buttons. Our buttons are matte, rubbery soft and match the fabric color perfectly. A subtle March logo finely etched on them is the only branding on the tee.

Modern Cut

Polo by March looks sharp, yet feels relaxed. It's the best of both worlds.

Invisible Stitching

Seamless tucked-out

Front Pocket

Keep your essentials

Ribbed Long Sleeves

Pull up, stay put

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