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If you've spent over two years making something great and believe over 100,000 March customers would love to use it, tell us your story.

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What is Friends of March (FoM)?

The internet is cluttered. With so many products around, we invariably miss good ones. Friends of March is a place where you can buy some great products we've handpicked ourselves.

How does it work?

We've tried and tested a bunch of products. And put up the ones we love. We've even tried to get you a better deal. You can order these products right here.

What about shipping and returns?

We have stocked all products made outside India, and will ship them ourselves. Locally made items will be shipped by our FoM partners, delivery time will depend on their locations. We'll work with them to ensure it all goes smooth. No returns at the moment.

Is this a permanent thing?

We love the idea of Friends of March. This is a start and we'll see how it goes. No options ruled out for now.

I am a brand. How can I get onto FoM?

Click here and find out more.